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pgDay Paris 2019 presentation: How to write SQL queries?

The videos from pgDay Paris 2019 are online, and they look stunning! If you’ve been to the conference, you will be able to enjoy great memories, and if you’ve not been there, you can now enjoy all the fine content that was recorded there at the Youtube Channel for pgDay.Paris.

This year at pgday Paris I tried something new. My presentation was interactive, and I’ve been writing queries together with the audience, making mistakes, loosing keystrokes and having all the fun!

The idea behind looking like a fool writing queries in front of an audience was to show the process behind those elegant queries that we tend to share in one piece, on a slide where they shine, beautifully indented. We don’t get to those queries writing them like we would prose. It takes multiple iterations to get there. From something quite simple to something more and more sophisticated, until we have exactly the result set we are interested in.